Saturday, December 4, 2010

On Fifth Avenue

Scribner's was my favorite bookstore. It was beyond compare. The only time I ever left without purchasing a book was the day I discovered "comic genius" Jackie Mason all alone, at a table, attempting a book signing. His assistant wasn't even with him at the table. He was shouting out jokes, trying to get people to come over to him. Customers and bookstore employees alike were pretending he didn't exist, which made him louder. It is hard to browse books AND ignore an obnoxious person, so I went over to Rizzoli's that day. I preferred Scribner's to all other bookstores for so many reasons that I practically went into mourning when it closed forever. The beautiful space became home to a clothing store, or two, and then a Sephora. I finally went inside one day because:
a.) It was a humid 90 degrees and I wanted some free cold air.
b.) I felt nostalgic for the beautiful space that was once my beloved Scribner's.
c.) They had perfumes in there.
I had pretty much ignored Sephora up until that day. First I wandered around just looking at the space itself, then I took a few snaps. I had mixed emotions, swirling thoughts about the beauty industry and great bookshops going out of business. A feminist rant was going on inside my head, and then I went to test some perfumes. I had the perfumes all to myself, as the store was filled with tourist ladies and their teenaged daughters who were all mesmerized by lipsticks and bronzers.

The perfume I tested that day was a unisex scent by Guerlain: Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca. It has notes of grass, spearmint, and just a hint of lemony wildflowers. This scent, to me, also has notes of fresh air & sunshine. I'm currently enclosed in an artificially heated space due to freezy winter temps, and it smells like a fresh breeze through a summer meadow. This is one many people would call a "summer scent" but it works very well year 'round.