Wednesday, August 27, 2008


For Tony.

Bal a Versailles (Jean Desprez 1962) To me this scent is a rosier but murkier copy of L'Heure Bleue-- but that's just how it feels on my skin. It works better in cold or rainy weather.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Man in the Red Hat

If my blogger buddy Mickey Blackcat went to the mall, he'd head straight for the man in the red hat and apron. Thanks for being a good friend, Mickey!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

When Summer Sizzles

I feel sad that these men have to wear suits and ties all summer. It would be fun if suddenly it was the fashion for men to dress like the late Steve Irwin to work in NYC on hot humid days. Those little shorts and the cute hat. After all, it is a jungle.

There's something intoxicating about wearing a big floral on a sultry summer night. Applied correctly, (and worn with a skimpy sun dress) it can be really effective.

Jardins de Bagatelle by Guerlain is a prime example of something that really works on a tropical night.
Head: bergamot
Heart: jasmine, gardenia, tuberose,
Soul: woody notes
A graceful scent for those who enjoy ultra feminine florals. It is as sheer as a strong floral can be considering the tuberose gardenia combination. The famous Guerlain jasmine seems to calm this potion down just enough. Starting out sweet and emphatic, it becomes much more refreshing and delicate as it settles down about 30 minutes after application. It will last all evening. It would be almost Southern Belle except that it is thoroughly French.

The Poet's Chair

~For Possum (LKD)

Friday, August 22, 2008


This film is dedicated to Jenny Ha Ha of Flaw and Disorder, who has been blogging a lot less because she had a baby (a daughter) this summer. This film is a toast to Jenn & Ironman.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Six Unremarkable Things About Me

1. Like many other people, I'm right handed.

2. Like many other people, I know how to send an e mail.

3. Like many other people, I feel that maraschino cherries are more decorative than anything else.

4. Like many other people, I enjoy being near bodies of water.

5. Like many people I appreciate that Bob Dylan has talent.

6. Like many other people, I buy food to take home and eat.

This was a tag from Possum, and I'll pass the tag to six other people: Post six unremarkable things about yourself. Appreciate the ordinary!
1. Mercury
2. Merle
3. Mouse
4. Megan
5. Mrs. Mayhem
6. Marguerite

Of course I'd love to know all of your truly unremarkable bits, so EvErYoNe is tagged.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hardware: A Short Film

I've decided to create a short film for each of my blogger commenters, and first up is Hardware, a film dedicated to Merle Sneed.

No film will exceed 30 seconds, and most will be 15 seconds or shorter.

It will be a sort of Film Festival, with each film inspired by some blogger out there, who has touched my life and expanded my mind. Thanking you all in advance for the inspiration.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is Me

Here I am spending another Saturday morning watching an old movie on TV. More than 150 channels and all I watch is one old movie channel.

I'm about to cancel cable, and just get old movies from the library ~ totally free!

What are Joseph Cotton and Claudette Colbert eating in this scene? It was dessert, and it wiggled. Could it be jello???

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I love my hairbrush.

Someone gave me this ages ago--it always make me think how hard it would be to curl your hair by this method. And tedious. Lucky I never suffered from curl envy... curling irons, hot rollers, all of the modern methods are a turn off too!

~There is a perfume called Clean Hair Smell by SmellThis. It's based on the smell of shampoo and apples.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


When Lettuce visited, we sometimes spent most of the day walking and taking pictures. I took this one in Manhattan when we were on our way to meet Steve. These carefree times were the highlight of my summer.

A few days later Lettuce and I hit thrift shops where I found this old photo of an elegant man standing next to his car. This was probably everyday elegance back then. (My parents always looked pretty spiffy and I liked that.)

Our wanderings took us into an offbeat drug store where they had an odd selection of old classic perfumes and a fresh tester of Vol de Nuit. I sampled a bit, knowing I already liked it, but it's always nice to get something that smells real good, for free.

Vol de Nuit (1933 Jacques Guerlain)
Head notes of bergamot and petitgrain
Heart notes of jasmine, daffodil, and spices
Soul notes of rare woods, forest notes, amber and vanilla.

Third photo: Ched with his Guerlain Encyclopedia. (2007)

Monday, August 11, 2008


I see a lot of dragonflies in the Hudson River Valley and Catskill region, but this one was more meaningful than most. (Click on photos to enlarge) In some cultures the dragonfly represents swiftness or happiness.

A few days ago I was driving along and decided on a whim to stop in a rather deserted place to take pictures. A place that was busy a decade ago, but abandoned now. It was a silent place, and it was one of those perfect weather days, just made for rambling around, so I thought why not stop...

and take a closer look?

The dragonfly was visiting the little oasis in this picture--
I was very surprised to find this! (You really have to enlarge the photo to get the full effect.)

Mother Nature decided it was time to reclaim a bit of what man made and then abandoned, a parking lot and a strip mall in Monticello, New York. In what seems to be not much more than a deep puddle, she grew cattails and other water loving plants that attracted the dragonfly.

It's not surprising that the dragonfly also symbolizes renewal.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I am a Cat

Ched (circa 2006) "We're running low on Fritos."

For the last few weeks I've been wearing Shalimar. Summer is a tough time to sample scents for many reasons. (they don't last in hot weather, we're busier in summer, we're swimming, traveling, we need to simplify, scent-wise.) Some of those big ass florals really attract bugs, too. But Shalimar has enough citrus & smoke to ward off bugs. Bugs seem to hate bergamot.

Last month I wore Mitsouko a lot. I switched from the heavy perfume to the lighter, peachier EdT. Nice for summer nights. It seems when I get bored with perfumes, I just go back to basics. A nice vacation from sampling, just savoring an old reliable favorite.

I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan

They say everything can be replaced
They say every distance is not near
So I remember every face
Of every man who put me here.

I see my light come shining
From the west unto the east
Any day now, any day now,
I shall be released.

They say every man needs protection
They say every man must fall
So I swear I see my reflection
Someplace so high above this wall.

I see my light come shining
from the west unto the east
Any day now, any day now,
I shall be released.

Standing next to me in this lonely crowd
Is a man who swears he's not to blame
All day long I hear him shout so loud
Crying out that he was framed.

I see my light come shining
from the west unto the east
Any day now, any day now,
I shall be released.

Chrissy Hyndes covers this song wonderfully. go to Youtube:
( )
if you're interested in seeing / hearing her.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fly Away Home: Sky Friday

I was walking across a parking lot with Lettuce and Steve when these migratory birds flew over.

A few days later Lettuce was walking up these stairs at Newark Airport. We were both so tired, it was like a dream sequence.

She walked into this blue carpeted area. Of course I added more blue to the photo. I was very sad to see her go, but it was time for her to fly away home. Later she e mailed to say she'd had a very nice flight. (Her wings were a little tired, but otherwise...)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stairs are Everywheres

We usually don't notice stairs very much...

Unless they are difficult to climb while carrying bags of groceries, or they have snow on them, and then we only notice them in a "I must be careful" sort of way.

How many times have I run down these very steps to catch a train that had just pulled into the station? Thousands of times. I ran up and down these steps almost daily when I worked on one of the top floors of a nearby skyscraper.

~The old W.T. Grant Building, now known as One Astor Plaza. More than 50 stories tall... one day, there was a power failure in the building and of course the elevators didn't work, so we had to walk down the stairs. As we were walking down, the Big Lunkhead Bossman complained that it was so very tiring and asked those of us who were forced to walk with him,
"Is it easier to walk down or up a flight of stairs?"

Someone answered that down was easier, while the rest of us pretended we didn't know. But the boss wasn't sure... he mumbled something about something he'd learned in physics class. I remembered thinking it would be lots easier to shove him down the stairs than up, anyway.

I like stairs, and I like ladders, but I didn't have a good photo of a ladder to post. This was the best I could do, re: Ladders.

“That's my Stepladder, my real ladder left when I was seven”
~ Noel Coward

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kerhonkson to Bethel

On Sunday we stopped in Kerhonkson to check out the world's largest garden gnome. I don't usually care all that much for gnomes, but he had a good vibe.

It really was amazing to stand next to this giant. This was a great thing to sandwich in between the Mt. Tremper Kaleidoscope and Hippiefest in Bethel.

It was a perfect day from start to finish. Check out the sky. It gets very cool and slightly damp in the mountains starting at dusk, even if the day has been hot and muggy. Later that night it was clear and you could see so many stars it was incredible.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kaatskill Kaleidoscope, Mt. Tremper, NY

Before we went to Hippiefest in Bethel, we went inside a huge kaleidoscope (where I took this very short video while lying flat on my back.) The Kaleidoscope was once an old silo.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hippiefest 2008 Bethel, NY

All of the performers were excellent, and Bethel is a beautiful place. The acts were surprisingly good, with The Turtles, Badfinger, The amazing Eric Burdon and Jack Bruce, and lone female Melanie doing a long cute version of her Rollerskate song. Melanie talked a lot, but I was walking around taking pics, so I only caught part of what she was saying. It seemed like the same exact thing she's done at other concerts at Bethel, so I felt I wasn't missing anything by focusing on the concertgoers while she did her shtick. Eric Burdon did have one female musician, (base player, I think) but it was mainly a fest of hippie guys. The Turtles made brief, funny jokes, and after singing "It Ain't Me Babe" said Thank You Mr. Zimmerman, Sir!

Eric Burdon covered a Stone's song. Paint it Black, and did it very well. Burdon was a powerhouse. All of the acts were strong.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Storm King Art Center

On Wednesday we visited Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, NY. The 500 acre sculpture park was founded in 1960.

We pretty much walked around in the 90 plus degree heat for over five hours, and still, the security staff had to come and find us close to closing time. We were, of course in the far reaches of the park having just discovered a whole mess of cool sculptures, small and large, that we hadn't seen yet.

We had to trot quickly over many acres of hills and through wooded areas so as not to annoy employees who wanted to go home. We annoyed them anyway, by being 30 seconds late. They were waiting next to my truck, glaring. They didn't respond at all when we smiled and said goodnight.

Since there were many wooded areas, and massive trees here and there, we were able to survive the mugginess of the day. There is no restaurant on sight, so picnicking and lounging around is encouraged.

top photo: The Storm King Wall by Andy Goldsworthy (very small section seen here)
middle photo: Suspended by Menashe Kadishman
bottom photo: 3 by Mark Di Suvero

Other artists works include: Magdalena Abakanowicz, David Smith, Louise Nevelson, Nam June Paik, Alexander Calder, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, Richard Serra, Siah Armajani, Louise Bourgeoisie, Johnny Swing, (and many more.)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Girl With The Red Ice Cream Cone

I'm really enjoying taking portraits of people. Took this picture a few days ago in Central Valley, NY.