Friday, February 26, 2010


Amazingly this just recently opened old bottle of Emeraude (approx. 35 years old) smelled just like a new bottle purchased at a local drug store. Although the owners of the Emeraude formula changed, they managed to keep the scent. This speaks volumes for storing things in a cool, dark, dry place.

At a concert last summer, we were packed in tight. After John Mellencamp finished his set and before Bob Dylan came onstage, the woman sitting next to me asked me if I was wearing Emmerood Perfume. I said --"Well close, but it's Shalimar." She said her mom used to wear both those perfumes and it made her feel very nostalgic for them. "Maybe I'll buy some." she murmured. Then she proceeded to get up to stretch her legs or whatever. At some point she accused a man at the end of the row of "groping" her as she passed by. The guy told her to F -off and worse, much worse, really insulting her. His buddy joined in laughing at her and criticizing her weight and looks. (She was a nice looking woman in my opinion.) Indignant, she huffed off and returned with a security guard. At that point the two men (who seemed very drunk) and the woman's boyfriend began shouting at each other and the security guard told them to all calm down or leave. From then on there were scuffles between the three men, a couple of nose to nose stare downs, many taunts and ugly insults, raised fists, poised for action, and so forth. It went on and on and it was silly until it turned into a real wrestling and punching match. Security guards came over and pulled the threesome out to give them a stern talking to. They returned after awhile, still muttering threats. All through Bob's set the woman next to me cried while her boyfriend was taunted by the two guys at the end of the row.

Anyway, back to the Emeraude / Shalimar connection. Emeraude was often referred to as the poor man's Shalimar, since some notes were very similar, and Emeraude was always very affordable and easy to find. (Today it's a bit harder to find, but still very affordable.) I hope they never stop making Emeraude.