Monday, May 7, 2007

Tangled up in Tagging

Tagged by Camille for "Why I blog"

I have always tried to keep a journal, but I misplace them, or write grocery lists in them, forget to date entries, and end up with a journal that is a quarter full. I had better luck with sketchbooks. I tried to focus on something that was in my life on a very regular basis, I listen to Bob everyday, so that was easy, and I like trying out new perfumes, although I only wear a few Guerlains regularly, and then just a drop or two. But I started there, with perfume and Bob, and decided to let Chedwick, a small tuxedo cat run things for me.

Chedwick hasn't figured out how to fully link, or get a profile photo in place, or how to post a video wthin a post, and he is frankly, too lazy to try and figure these things out.

The blog takes care of my addiction to taking photographs that started when I was about ten years old,
and I can mess around with photoshop and post the results here too.

I read blogs for a few years before starting my own--I figured I'd never be able to keep it going. But in January I decided to try creating a blog and maintaining for one year. A sort of New Year's resolution.

I've met so many interesting and talented people through the blog, something I did not think about when I started out. That's probably the biggest reward to blogging.