Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Candy Man

I saw my first Halloween candy display earlier this week. (On Tuesday to be precise.) I walked into the supermarket and there were plastic jack-o-lanterns and piles of those giant sized bags of Halloween candies--the mini Mounds bars and tiny boxes of Good n' Plenty, Candy Corn and so forth. The bags had cartoon images of witches and ghosts on them and a couple of women were slowly circling this display with what looked like intent to buy. Outside it was 89 degrees and, um, mid-August. I don't care anymore. Last September I stopped caring about this anti-calendar weirdness when I watched a man decorate a Christmas Tree in Lord & Taylor. A Whole Christmas Village was going up, and it was September. I gave up caring right then and there. I don't care what time it is, what month it is, what holidays are coming up. I'm going to ignore those and make up my own holidays from now on!

Just let me grab a caramel and I'll be on my way.

"Outside of the gates the trucks were unloadin',
The weather was hot, a-nearly 90 degrees.
The man standin' next to me, his head was exploding,
Well, I was prayin' the pieces wouldn't fall on me."
~Bob Dylan