Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sugar Baby

Chedwick was happy to find a bottle of Demeter's "Sugar Cane."
We just happened to have a can of sugar cane in the cupboard, so we opened it up to compare it to the perfume. Demeter's scent is wonderfully sugary, without any of the slightly canned feeling we got from the canned stuff. Being all scientific and reasearchy, Chedwick chewed on the cane, sniffed it, swallowed enough sugar cane juice to get that sugar-high headache, spritzed the perfume, and it was a match. The closest comparison he can offer is the cane and perfume both have a sort of cream soda-ish character. Effervescent and good, but light. Still, an hour later Demeter's Sugar Cane scent was still 100% on the fur and smelled warm and sugary-good. This one is a keeper.

Chedwick, who has avoided sugar for years, says: "Better to wear Sugar Cane than eat it, most definitely!"

"Sugar Baby, get on down the line
You ain't got no sense, no how
You went years without me
Might as well keep going now."

~Bob Dylan