Friday, November 9, 2007

On Bob Dylan's Lap

Another pic of me with Bob back in the sixties.

This photo really brings back memories. We went to a bookstore that day, and to the House of Guerlain. It was rainy and windy though, so mostly we just hung out at our hotel, ordering room service. I napped on a velvet chaise lounge and my dreams were lightly scented with wonderful perfume.

Bob was always writing in his notebook or reading, but sometimes he'd just stop, and pick me up. He never treated me as a mere "pet" as some lesser evolved humans did back in those days. He knew cats have souls and are highly intelligent. This photo was taken when a journalist came to interview him. I had my eye on the suspicious looking lighting guy in the photography crew. Something not right about that dude. --Must be on guard when a constant flow of strangers push into your life.

A girl who looked through my photo album said to me "Wow! You got to sit on Bob Dylan's Lap!"
--Hey, it was no big deal, I'm a cat, laps are to me what a comfy bed is to a sleepy human.

*I know September was men's cologne month, and I completely messed it up (I'm not sure Kurt will ever forgive me.)

I took this pic at a Sephora store. This Cartier scent was clean, fresh and yet long lasting and warm. Perfect for a guy who is into minimalism and doesn't like heavy leather or spice scents.