Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rock Out

It wasn't boring up in the mountains for a skywatching cat like myself.

I also had plenty of tasks for portable hair dryer girl to carry out, so I was busy making lists for her.

For the past seven years I walked past or over a bit of rock sticking up out of the grass. It was maybe 5 inches by 7 inches. This little bit of rock constantly cried out somehow to be noticed. I finally instructed portable hair dryer girl to dig it up. It took her many days, as the little rock was actually a big boulder, and she had to quit before she got it completely dug up (because we had to return to suburbia) It is bigger than it looks in these not so great photos.

(the building in the background is a little empty bungalow on our property.)

Once it is completely dug out and the surface is free of dirt, it will make an excellent sunbathing and meditation rock. I'm looking forward to next spring, me and my little meditation mat out there, under the big sky. A dozen little cats on a dozen little mats could easily fit on this rock. Or 3 or 4 humans could stretch out on it. This once subterranean boulder will be in the sunshine for quite awhile!

(Just a dash of Bob for this post.)

We did check out perfumes in the Catskills, mostly at drugstores. (There is a new perfume shop in one of the little villages, but we wanted to see all of the old timey country drugstores) At one old Rexall drugstore there was just a dusty display of Molinard and Guerlain perfumes deep behind one counter, almost sitting on the floor. They had Habanita and MM by Molinard and many of the old Guerlains. The boxes were literally falling apart, as these were the old testers back when the store HAD a fancy perfume counter. Now they were selling tacky gifts at that counter. It was really sad to know that this old Rexall had once had a full lunch counter soda fountain, a counter that sold stationery, pens, and notions, and a perfume counter with quality stuff. Now the store is jam packed with " dollar store " type junk. Jewelry, christmas ornaments, cheap T shirts, and general crap everywhere. (The actual 'drugstore'was crammed into one corner in the back next to the pharmacist.)