Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Watch Your Tongue

I would not recommend tasting a perfume just because it smells like vanilla and toasted marshmallows. It will burn your tongue and taste bad.

Jury Duty went very well. I got there 45 minutes early, and when I walked into the "orientation" about 300 people were already there! That is a little weird.

Some people arrived an hour or an hour and seventeen minutes late and no authority figure seemed to mind. I sat with two women who completely cracked me up all morning. We went around the corner to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant at lunchtime. People were doing Tai Chi in the park. The weather was nice.

The worst part of the morning was a film we had to watch that was for people who had no idea what a courtroom was, or what the words "lawyer", "judge", "evidence", "witness", "defense", and "prosecution" mean. There was a vocabulary lesson and a song about how much fun jury duty really is. One verse started with..."Is the witness lying?" --"Some people might think so!" But they sang it in such high pitched perky voices, I couldn't catch many lyrics.

We were told to line up, and were warned not to cut the line, run, kick, or scream --and I swear, this old lady was sitting quietly for awhile, then suddenly took off out of her seat and ran parallel to the line for half the length of the huge room and cut in line! Everyone laughed, and some of us thought she must have done it on purpose to try and get out of serving, but she was ignored by the authority figures and not reprimanded at all.

I am not allowed to talk about what happened in the afternoon. Perhaps I have already said too much.