Saturday, August 23, 2008

When Summer Sizzles

I feel sad that these men have to wear suits and ties all summer. It would be fun if suddenly it was the fashion for men to dress like the late Steve Irwin to work in NYC on hot humid days. Those little shorts and the cute hat. After all, it is a jungle.

There's something intoxicating about wearing a big floral on a sultry summer night. Applied correctly, (and worn with a skimpy sun dress) it can be really effective.

Jardins de Bagatelle by Guerlain is a prime example of something that really works on a tropical night.
Head: bergamot
Heart: jasmine, gardenia, tuberose,
Soul: woody notes
A graceful scent for those who enjoy ultra feminine florals. It is as sheer as a strong floral can be considering the tuberose gardenia combination. The famous Guerlain jasmine seems to calm this potion down just enough. Starting out sweet and emphatic, it becomes much more refreshing and delicate as it settles down about 30 minutes after application. It will last all evening. It would be almost Southern Belle except that it is thoroughly French.