Monday, August 4, 2008

Hippiefest 2008 Bethel, NY

All of the performers were excellent, and Bethel is a beautiful place. The acts were surprisingly good, with The Turtles, Badfinger, The amazing Eric Burdon and Jack Bruce, and lone female Melanie doing a long cute version of her Rollerskate song. Melanie talked a lot, but I was walking around taking pics, so I only caught part of what she was saying. It seemed like the same exact thing she's done at other concerts at Bethel, so I felt I wasn't missing anything by focusing on the concertgoers while she did her shtick. Eric Burdon did have one female musician, (base player, I think) but it was mainly a fest of hippie guys. The Turtles made brief, funny jokes, and after singing "It Ain't Me Babe" said Thank You Mr. Zimmerman, Sir!

Eric Burdon covered a Stone's song. Paint it Black, and did it very well. Burdon was a powerhouse. All of the acts were strong.