Wednesday, August 13, 2008


When Lettuce visited, we sometimes spent most of the day walking and taking pictures. I took this one in Manhattan when we were on our way to meet Steve. These carefree times were the highlight of my summer.

A few days later Lettuce and I hit thrift shops where I found this old photo of an elegant man standing next to his car. This was probably everyday elegance back then. (My parents always looked pretty spiffy and I liked that.)

Our wanderings took us into an offbeat drug store where they had an odd selection of old classic perfumes and a fresh tester of Vol de Nuit. I sampled a bit, knowing I already liked it, but it's always nice to get something that smells real good, for free.

Vol de Nuit (1933 Jacques Guerlain)
Head notes of bergamot and petitgrain
Heart notes of jasmine, daffodil, and spices
Soul notes of rare woods, forest notes, amber and vanilla.

Third photo: Ched with his Guerlain Encyclopedia. (2007)