Monday, August 11, 2008


I see a lot of dragonflies in the Hudson River Valley and Catskill region, but this one was more meaningful than most. (Click on photos to enlarge) In some cultures the dragonfly represents swiftness or happiness.

A few days ago I was driving along and decided on a whim to stop in a rather deserted place to take pictures. A place that was busy a decade ago, but abandoned now. It was a silent place, and it was one of those perfect weather days, just made for rambling around, so I thought why not stop...

and take a closer look?

The dragonfly was visiting the little oasis in this picture--
I was very surprised to find this! (You really have to enlarge the photo to get the full effect.)

Mother Nature decided it was time to reclaim a bit of what man made and then abandoned, a parking lot and a strip mall in Monticello, New York. In what seems to be not much more than a deep puddle, she grew cattails and other water loving plants that attracted the dragonfly.

It's not surprising that the dragonfly also symbolizes renewal.