Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bob Dylan in Woodstock

The Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era at the Whitney Museum, 945 Madison Avenue, NYC. To listen to a podcast on the Summer of Love exhibition, visit www.whitney.org

Thank You, Steve for the poster, it was a lovely surprise. The photo is an Elliott Landy pic of Bob, taken in Woodstock, NY, which was later used for the cover of the Nashville Skyline album.

This art exhibit, which includes many films, follows events from the early days of the Vietnam war to the killings of students at Kent State University by National Guardsmen. (roughly a 5-6 year period) It will run thru September 16th.

View from the blue gate. We rarely use this entrance, but since old logging roads run through the property, we decided to keep one of them at least functioning as a road. Mother nature has taken over somewhat, and we have to mow the road now. This view looks west, towards Pennsylvania.

Catskill blueberries (aka wild blueberries) Perfection... & they are everywhere.

My close up of a glass ornament, sort of pyschedelic.