Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chedwick College

Chedwick College
Cultivating Individuality, Excellence, and Awesomeness.

Founded early last month, Chedwick College is a liberal arts college offering bachelor's degrees in blogging, cat care, idling, meditating, song & dance, shamanism, going green, fingerpainting, honeybeeology, organic perfumery, and much more.

Our Actual Campus is in the Catskill Mountains of New York, exactly 100 miles from NYC. Our Virtual On-Line Campus is currently under construction and will be up and running by September 2007.

Last week we were recognized as one of the most relaxed colleges in the northeast, Chedwick's motto is "Don't Think Too Hard." Chedwick recently won awards for "Tidiest Campus" and "Smallest Faculty." The amazing lack of on-site faculty is one reason students are planning to attend Chedwick College in the autumn of 2007.

Our Campus:
1. Campus Drive
2. Main Parking
3. Student Union, Cafeteria, Dorms
4. Fingerpaint Building
5. Beekeeper Parking
6. Song & Dance Building (Future)
7. Zen Center (Future)
8. Nature Center (Future)

Our Future Song & Dance Center may or may not resemble this lovely building. Chedwick College is currently seeking faculty for the Virtual College. Chedwick College is an equal opportunity college. Chedwick College is not a licensed, certified college and guarantees that it will remain unaccredited. Chedwick College promises to graduate in the most gradual manner. Chedwick College is not responsible for any student eaten or mauled by bears. Chedwick College adheres to the highest standards of standards of excellence of the highest level of quality education.