Friday, July 6, 2007


A New York City Photo. Nice clouds that day, and who doesn't love a well-placed sticker?

I forget this artists name, but he is cool. I watched this film where he lounged on a big rock while the snow was falling. Then he leapt off the rock (he was agile like a cat) and this is what remained.

Suzanne Vega's new album will be released in about ten days. I heard two songs from it so far, and those were really good songs, so I am thinking the critics are right when they say this is a great album. It is called "Beauty & Crime" (The title inspired by Dylan's 'Love & Theft' title) but it is all about NYC as a woman ~ a femme fatale at times. It is meant to be listened to "all in one go."When Suzanne Vega and her husband listened to Bob Dylan's latest album, "Modern Times" she laughed about how her young daughter came into the room and asked what they were doing.
"We're listening to an album."

"A What?"

"A CD, a whole CD."

"Huh? Not a... mix?"

"Just listening to an entire CD/album --one artist--all at once."


(People used to do this in the olden days.)

What a concept.