Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bob Dylan: An Enigma

Bob Dylan:The Hall of Fame singer-songwriter offers well-received new work while his contemporaries peddle nostalgia.
he's still vital – and suddenly more human than ever. Of the handful of giants from his generation still recording and performing, only Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen (arguably more a devotee than a peer) come close to measuring up to his artistic determination and touring stamina, and not even Bowie has maintained as much mystique. --Ben Wener

This morning I took these snaps of a poodle through a Starbuck's window.
My friend Bruce asked me why I took pics of this dog (just as he was making disparaging remarks about the dog's breed and looks) I don't know why I took the pictures, but now you have to look at them.
Taking the snaps also made a weird loud-talking guy with a fake Irish accent come inside and tell me my puppy looked like he needed a wee drink. the dog had been sitting outside for maybe 3 minutes. His human companion was just getting a cup of coffee.

"The drinks are ready and the dogs are going to war."
--Bob Dylan