Saturday, June 16, 2007

Navy Blue Bird

Don't get much graffiti in Mytown, USA.

It may not last very long.

This is the actual graffiti -- when I spotted it I thought of Steve immediately. I put down my bag of cat food, to take the snaps.

The shadows on my wall were produced by lamplight, a wicker chair, an iron railing and my hand.

"i saw a navy blue bird
Flying way above the sea
i walked on and i learned later
That this navy blue bird was me

i returned a paler blue bird
And this is the advice they gave me
"you must not try to be too pure
You must fly closer to the sea"

So i'm walking through the desert
And i am not frightened although it's hot
i have all that i requested
And i do not want what i haven't got

--Sinead O'Connor