Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Once upon a time in 1921, Coty introduced a wonderful bright green colored perfume called Emeraude. It was an instant success but was soon overshadowed by Guerlain's launching of Shalimar in 1925.
Some people thought the perfumes smelled too much alike, but Shalimar had a warm dark side that Emeraude did not, and so it felt sexier and outsold Emeraude.
By the 1950's Emeraude was a bargain perfume, known by many as "The poor man's Shalimar." True, many people when they couldn't quite afford Shalimar, would opt for Emeraude, which was readily available at any drugstore or five and dime.
How much longer will Emeraude be available? It smells crisp and delicious. While it vaguely reminds me of Shalimar, there is no confusing the two. Emeraude offers a sharper citrus top note and mellows into a very fresh scent. It is getting harder to find bottle of Emeraude.

Every year hundreds of new bland perfumes flood the market pushing wonderful perfumes like Emeraude into the bargain bins and eventually killing some off completely.