Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tangled Up Bloggers: Part One

When I started blogging I had never thought about actually meeting other bloggers, but then I realized some lived near me and I felt curious. Would meeting other bloggers be a surreal experience? Clearly, in my blog-dealings with Kurt, Jenny, Merle, Princess Haiku, Sidney, Ms. Water, and many others, I felt sure that they were bright, interesting people with a sense of humor and an appreciation of the absurd. You could only have a good time sharing a walk or having tea. You already know the basics, and sometimes you have been through birthdays or sad times with them, so you know some aspect of them that has endeared them to you. Everyone who has visited this blog is a person I would like to meet, because through their comments, and my visiting their blogs, I have found something intriguing and true in them. Pod was the first to visit, and I have a feeling I will meet him one day. Tangled up in reality and tangled up in fantasy, or illusion, it all comes down to a sharing of ideas, feelings, experiences, more ideas, self expression and welcoming others into our world, a world that is real, unreal, surreal and realized.

Yesterday I ended up meeting 3 bloggers, all people I feel I have to see again (in the "real world") and Reya's idea of "blog kin" makes a great deal of sense. Sitting together at lunch, we felt other bloggers were with us in spirit, (there was an extra chair for Pod or Merle or someone to inhabit in spirit.) The great thing about meeting other bloggers is they laugh and speak, and make eye contact and that just enhances the experience.

We walked on the west side, a wide-open landscape of concrete, metal, acres of railyards, no crowds. We passed two men fixing a car, a pizza delivery man on his bike, a man shredding documents, a man just sitting on a loading dock with his lunch. We had the luxury of empty blocks to walk down in perfect weather.