Friday, June 29, 2007

Chedwick's Family History Vol 1.

I was inspired by some other blogs (The Gold Poppy,The Dishwasher's Tears, Other People Exist) to post an old photo and something about genealogy.

This is not actually me in the photo, but it is my great great great grandfather Chedwick, who was the son of an untitled nobleman.

I was named after him. He was small but wiry, and worked as a professional mouser in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He also was an actor in amateur theatricals. He is pictured here with his human companions Carrie and Daniel, a very kindly couple who worked for a huge rose-growing concern just outside of Pittsburgh. They picked long stemmed red roses, packed them and shipped them to florists all over Pennsylvania, and to major cities like DC, NYC and Boston.

Great great great Grandpa Chedwick lived with them in their tidy little home and was treated like a king. Daniel read classic books to Chedwick and Carrie taught him to appreciate poetry. Chedwick later brought home a wife, Fluffina Marie (aka: Fluffy) and together they raised many kittens. (And that is the beginning of my life story. )

A bit of coincidence enters into it also... it seems the gentle humans pictured here were the great aunt and uncle of one of my blog assistants, Portable Hair Dryer Girl.

We are all connected.