Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rumeur by Lanvin

Do you have problems with cats taking your charge cards and shopping online?
Do you feel this is wrong, but you don't know what to do once your cat has memorized the account number?

~Never leave your wallet where a cat can get it. High up in a kitchen cupboard? (They can find it.) Inside your coat pocket in a closet? (They have secretly mastered the doorknob principle and will go and get it while you are sleeping.)

~Hope that they don't spend too much and that they buy something for you ... something you wanted.

~Try and talk to your cat about budgeting. Most cats are willing to pretend to listen.

Rumeur by Lanvin

I was given a generous sample of Rumeur by my friend Kali. At first it didn't impress-- not much but a sort of citrus fruity headnote. It took a while to warm up into a gorgeous rich magnolia scent. The original Rumeur was too floral for me, but perfumer Francis Kurkdjian's reformulation makes the lilac and magnolia notes work well together. For a warm scent it is very clean and fresh. It lasted about 7 hours, drying down into its pleasant musk base. It smells like fresh spring air, probably due to the lilac note. I'd certainly like a bottle of it. (Photo of perfume: Lord & Taylor)