Thursday, December 6, 2007

Soft and Cuddly

Dennis wanted me to post this pic, which he feels shows his softer side.

I look at this picture and assume he is gouging one of the bear's eyes out. This bear was named Susannah, but Dennis saw the news report about a British teacher who named a teddy bear Mohammed and got into big trouble, so Dennis renamed his bear Jesus.

He is waiting for the controversy to begin.

And speaking of soft and cuddly--we have Liv Tyler here for Givenchy.
I was pleasantly surprised by just how good Very Irresistible Parfum smelled--I would like a bottle. (Christmas is coming, so who knows?) This scent is loaded with roses, including the very sensual centifolia. Roses are in both the head and heart notes on this one.

'After the shower
among the drenched roses
the bird thrashing in the bath.'
--Jack Kerouac