Friday, December 14, 2007

Tangled Up In Bobs

I forget which country this 'Bob' is from, but he is just one of hundreds of singers who have been called "The Bob Dylan" of their country. We have a quite a few American Bobs, too. Singer songwriter Beck said he was very honored to be called "The Slacker Bob Dylan." They may cover a few Dylan songs, but they are not "tribute" artists or impersonators. They are talented individuals following their own path.

Christy Moore, often called the Irish Bob Dylan, is very talented and has written many great songs. There is a video link at right, of Christy. Worth a listen!

Imitation, in this sense, is often more inspiration than trying to actually copy something. It is not artificial to want to be a bit like someone you greatly admire.

There are so many designer perfume "reproductions" out there that claim to 'pay homage' to the original scent.
Here we have a bottle of Chanel Chance, which is popular with refined young ladies.

Here is the reproduction scent, which is supposed to smell just like the Chanel. It is called "Pure Luck", and a big bottle of the stuff retails for less than five dollars.

(They used to call them "Copycat" Fragrances until we cats got it together and protested. Now all you human companion types know it isn't politically correct.)

(Photo Credits: The Bob Dylans, Christy Moore Fan Page, Chanel, Perfume Reproductions)