Monday, December 3, 2007

Dennis vs. Chedwick

I am small and don't complain all that much.

(Please excuse me while I complain about Dennis.)
Dennis is large and never stops complaining or asking for things. His mouth is open in almost every picture because he is always whining about something or yelling at somebody. The food is never quite right, it is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, someone 'looked' at him, someone else ignored him, he demanded Ugg boots and got them! He goes through the trash like a dog!

Dennis hisses at me for no reason. He disrupts my naps. Does anyone disrupt his naps? No, they don't. (Personally, I am thrilled when he naps.)

I wanted to post these photos so people wouldn't confuse me with Dennis, even though I look nothing like him. You may or may not remember Dennis from The Hermes Bel Ami Cologne fiasco a few months ago.

Dennis and I are about the same age...I think he took steroids or something.

Dennis can be a real bully--especially when he's hopped up on catnip as he is in this picture--that's me inside the hatbox. That's Dennis with some leftover catnip in the foregound. How does Dennis get through life? He manipulates people--he can be soooo lovely dovey when he wants to snuggle with Portable Hair Dryer Girl.

Dennis wants to muscle in on my blog. Dennis is very muscular, so I am letting him. Plus Portable Hair Dryer Girl is sympathetic towards him for reasons unfathomable. So you may see more of Dennis in future posts.

Dennis vs. Chedwick...and the winner is: Dennis! (sigh)