Friday, December 7, 2007

Un Parfum De Gossamer

I saw this old poster and thought it would be a good way to advertise a scent called...Un Parfum De Gossamer.

I like Gossamer, and found out yesterday that he was created by Tex Avery, whose work I have long admired. Last winter I found a tiny plastic Gossamer doll in a parking lot. It looked like it came out of a gumball machine. I brought it home and put it on a shelf in the kitchen. One day I caught Dennis playing with it and took it away from him, but he had already bitten Gossamer's hands off.

I have a very clear memory of the first time I saw Gossamer. He was chasing Bugs Bunny around a laboratory, as the mad scientist wanted to experiment on Bugs. The mentally challenged Gossamer and the evil mad scientist were characters I'd never seen before and I was hoping they would not kill Bugs Bunny. I was sitting on an oriental rug directly in front of the TV set (as close as I could get to the set without actually hugging it.) This was in an apartment that we moved out of just after I turned four. Being so young, and alone in the room, I was paralyzed by the scariness of Gossamer. I couldn't stop watching.

Can't help thinking of the big red guy when I hear "Just One of Those Things"

...It was just one of those nights
Just one of those fabulous flights
A trip to the moon on gossamer wings
Just one of those things....

A classic that Frank Sinatra made famous-- a song about a brief love affair.
I prefer the Ella Fitzgerald version, though.

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