Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Diane Von Furstenberg

D by DVF has headnotes of Violet Leaves and Mandarin Blossoms, with a heart of natural Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang , Lily & spices. Soft end notes of Patchouli & Woods.

Photo: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Artist: Von Furstenberg, Diane (American, born Brussells 1946)
Textile Collection. Women Artists of North America (Gift of Richard Martin, 1997)

Diane Von Furstenberg - When she married Prince Egon, and became the young Princess of Furstenberg, she felt she didn't want to be just a "girl nobody" who came from nothing and married royalty. She had always wanted to be a designer, so she set to work and made her 70's wrap dress a staple in women's wardrobes. The wrap is my favorite dress style of all time.

You may recall other DVF Fragrances (Tatiana, Volcan d' Amour.)

Years ago, one of my aunts, while standing at a perfume counter waiting to buy me some Shalimar for my birthday, sampled some Tatiana. Generous soul that she was, she bought a small bottle of it for me, in addition to the Shalimar. I wore Tatiana all that summer, and every time I smell it now, I remember all the fun I had--those summer nights running around with my girlfriends, going to see local bands and roaming in a close-knit girly pack--it was our summer of ignoring boys and just hanging out.

Volcan D' Amour was a Fiery Chypre scent, somewhat popular in the 80's. I am guessing both Tatiana and Volcan are discontinued. They did not get enough advertising, perhaps-- because they were good perfumes.