Sunday, January 13, 2008

Evening in Paris

My parents had six children (four daughters) Elegant First Daughter and I bonded very well, Second Daughter has always been a "win at all costs" type, and Fourth Daughter, from day one has been the unpredictable wild child. I am Third Daughter, and the nerd of the daughter group, I guess.

This post is about Second Daughter and a bottle of Evening in Paris perfume. When I was in primary school, S.D. had a bottle of the stuff and all I wanted was to try some. Looking to profit from my desire, she said "maybe" ... if I did the dishes for her, and so forth--I did some of her chores but never did get to try the perfume. Finally she showed me the almost empty bottle and said she might consider selling it to me or trading it for something. A deal was eventually made, but knowing her deals had loopholes, I made my dad witness the exchange. I was happy to get my hands on the bottle, and eagerly opened it to sniff. She snickered as I sniffed. She had washed it out with chlorine bleach, so there was no trace of perfume at all. I still don't know what Evening in Paris smells like.

S.D. moved on to Ambush by Dana right after that, and like every scent she chose, it smelled good on her. Whatever perfume she wore, she bragged that it was the best. She wore Opium for a few years, and still does on occasion-- her chosen scents suit her as she is a successful businesswoman with a charming yet forceful personality. She is much nicer to me now that we are adults, and always buys me lots of perfume, even buying me scents she openly disapproves of, just because she knows I like them.

So... the whole cruel "Evening in Paris" episode is forgiven.