Friday, January 25, 2008

Sophia Grojsman

We are all familiar with American Royalty. Hollywood royals like Gary Cooper and Bob Hope showed you did not need to be born in America to be embraced by her. Russian born chemist and perfumer Sophia Grojsman is another American princess.
Here are three of my favorite Sophia Grojsman scents. (from left, Sun Moon Stars, Tresor, and Bvlgari Pour Femme) All three are gentle, sweet, romantic florals. Soft, warm and delicate, Sun Moon Stars is a peachy rose that reminds me of rose-scented Turkish delight. Tresor is a very light, silky blend of apricot and roses. The Bvlgari scent had me sniffing my wrists all last summer with it's smooth combination of violets, roses and peach. Yes, Grosjman loves roses... and those warm peach and apricot notes.

Grojsman became an American Citizen in the 1960s. As a child in Russia, she said she played with flowers rather than toys. She has created many famous perfumes including Vanderbilt, Eternity, YSL's Paris and Yvress (aka Champagne) Beautiful, Spellbound, and White Linen for Estee Lauder, Calyx, Jaipur for Boucheron, Kashaya by Kenzo, Immaculate, and others. I haven't tried every single one of these, but I hope to. Yvress has a sparkling nectarine note, and amazingly it does give off a fizzy 'champagne' vibe.

(Photo of Sophia Grosjman : National Geographic Magazine)
(Rose photo: One of my Wm. Baffin Climbing roses, last summer.)