Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mary Kate & Ashley & Dennis

Dennis has signed a contract to endorse London Beat, a "Coast to Coast" perfume by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.
Dennis loves the fragrance, which smells like berries and cream soda. People who love the way the Olsen twins dress, pose and eat, will adore this scent.

Dennis doesn't care that 99% of the original money was spent doing a series of photo shoots of the twins--trying to get 'just the right shot' for the box. There was not much left over to spend on bottle design or the perfume itself. Dennis will work with the twins in February creating an ad to re-launch their perfume line. "They will pay Dennis a lot of money to pose with them." Dennis said.

"The Olsen twins are big fans of Dennis" says Dennis. Last summer the Olsen twins attended the Bob Dylan concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They went backstage to tell Bob that they were massive fans and love his music.

"They like Dennis better, though," says Dennis.

London Beat retails for $16.50, but Dennis gets to smell just like the Olsen twins for free. "Dennis gets free perfume from the twins because they like Dennis." Dennis explained.