Friday, May 16, 2008

Chedwick Wears Gucci

Ched amused himself for quite awhile with an empty atomizer and funnel set from Sephora and enjoyed sniffing some Prada II. A mild mannered very elegant scent. Perfect for summer.

The bottle which is entirely made of glass (even the huge cap) would make a good paperweight when empty.

Very soft, yet lasting, I guess I'd call this one refined . True it's a fruity floral, and most of the floral notes are subdued. Still it has excellent sillage and a nice drydown. head notes include bitter orange, mandarin, violet, blackcurrant bud. Heart notes; jasmine, blackberry, heliotrope, iris. Soul notes: exotic woods, amber, musk

The atomizers are great for travel. The proliferation of small cream perfumes, roll on tube perfumes, solid stick perfumes and perfume compacts are due to the airline's restrictions. If you prefer your own liquid perfume, atomizers the way to go.