Monday, May 5, 2008

Parfum Platine by Dana

Parfum Platine had little flecks of platinum in the bottle. We used to shake it like a snow globe. My 'Martha Stewart-ish' sister received a gift set that included Platine, Tabu, Ambush, Emir and VooDoo. All of which smelled good to me, but then I was in grade school at the time. Martha took the scents very seriously, Tabu was forbidden to be worn except on a date with a boy you were going steady with. Platine was the scent of a rich glamour girl who lived on Park Avenue and wore jewelry from Harry Winston ~ a strictly special occasion scent. Ambush was for casual wear, and Emir was for models hanging out in cafes in Paris, France. This meant it could be worn to a dance or to her after school art class. As for VooDoo, it was never to be worn before midnight. My sister had many theories about perfumes and fashion and enjoyed expounding upon them in conjunction with penthouses, expensive cars, jewelry and the high life in general.

Emir was a spicy oriental and Ambush a nice floral. I'm just recalling how they smelled on my sister, and on her clothes, and by sniffing the bottles. Tabu was sweet. She remembers VooDoo as having strength & aldehydes, Platine was soapy. I used to think of perfumes as either edible, soapy or flowery when I was a kid. Not knowing how else to categorize them, I just had those 3 groups in my head. Then of course I had blends, such as the soapy floral... which was Platine.

Platine was meant to make women think of diamonds set in platinum bands or the glamour of platinum blonde hair.

Ambush and the other Dana scents came in a variety of bottles. The designs were ultra mod by the 1970s, my favorite design was a solid colored Genie's style bottle.

A scary image for any man.

I've had this little violin shaped bottle of Tabu for quite a few years. We've never been able to get the cap off. Even the strongest most self confident man is afraid of accidentally getting Tabu all over himself.