Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Crazysticks & Pomelos

Crazysticks are stick style solid perfumes by Crazylibellule & The Poppies. I know the company sounds like it's a band from the psychedelic era, but perfumery is getting very weird.

The perfume business is getting to be like the music business was in the late 60's. ( Anyone could make an album which was sometimes good, execs making a fast buck off of anything, not so good.) Perfumes are pouring onto to the scene like Melanie Lps. Melanie's 'handlers' encouraged her to spend time practicing and messing around in the studio. Once she left them to form her own company, they took the tapes and humiliated her by pressing quite a few really bad Melanie albums. Meanwhile, back at her own record company, Melanie put out an Lp that had a scratch and sniff cover. The scent that emanated from the Lp was a light floral.

Try finding the 'bad' Melanie albums now. Some of them don't even make any of the lists on the many Melanie fansites~ and when the flower power petals settle a dozen years from now, we'll see which of the new perfumes can stand and boast: "I'm still in Production!" If 900 new perfumes flood the market this year, how many will be fondly remembered 40 years from now?

My favorite Crazystick is Dans tes Bras Crazystick ~ Pinkberry! ~ I don't know if the Pinkberry craze is still happening, but here it appears in a perfumed stick. Head notes of juniper berry and pink berry;  Heart notes of peach, cedar and patchouli; and Bottom notes of amber and musk.

Pomelo is a note I now keep seeing pop up in perfumery. I ate my first pomelo just this last winter. Someone gave me this piece of fruit and I looked at it and said "What is this thing?" they said "Whatever do you mean? it's a mango--you love mangos!" I started to peel it muttering "This sir, is no mango..." It was nothing like a mango. more like a mild and sweet grapefruity type of fruit. It was a pomelo.

A Pomelo market in Singapore, where hundreds of businessmen frantically buy, sell, and trade pomelos.