Monday, May 26, 2008

Time to Read

I thought I was reading less than I used to due to blogging, but I'm averaging 3 books a week, so I must be finding some time to read. The commuter train is an excellent place to read, standing in line at the grocery store too ~ when it's crowded they close all check out lanes except one or two.

Dennis says his favorite place to read is on the sofa. Lounging with friends... and having a human bring him a cup of tea every so often.

I read a story by Maeve Brennan where she talks about returning to a bookstore to find a book she was looking at earlier that week. In it was the recipe for Balzac's favorite thing to eat. He'd smush up sardines with something into a paste and eat it with bread. She can't find the book again, but goes to a little French restaurant and orders sardines and bread anyway. She enjoyed the meal. I thought about this and thought maybe he mashed the sardines with olives to make a paste. (I don't know) Like Maeve Brennan, I got hungry for some form of Balzac's favorite dish myself. I was all out of sardines, and so substituted anchovies. I had a nice loaf of bread on hand and some olives. And like Maeve's meal, it was delicious.