Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back to Bob Dylan Basics

This is a painting I quickly painted for some event with half dried out tempera paints. (Work with what you have.) It is the only painting of Bob I have ever painted, and I added myself in the corner: my only self portrait, so far. I have a few perfume reviews swirling around inside my furry little head that should be posted here in a few days. I have been doing a little 'Spring' cleaning, looking out the window at all the bird activity, and re-reading Bob's book "Chronicles Volume One" which is the best Bob-related book I have ever read. I learned many things from this book including:

1. Keeping detailed journals all your life is a good idea.
2. Bob had a one-legged Turkish grandmother.
3. Sometimes he thinks about things like hot dogs and marshmallows.

"It was freezing winter with a snap and sparkle in the air, nights full of blue haze. It seemed like ages ago since I'd lay in the green grass and it smelled of true summer--glints of light dancing off the lakes and yellow butterflies on the black tarred roads." --Bob Dylan (from Chronicles Volume One)