Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bob Dylan and James Joyce

I'm not sure I like Bob with his hair cut short and all slicked down like that.

When Bob visited the James Joyce Museum, a curator urged him to take a ride on James Joyce's bicycle. Bob was amazed at this offer, rode a few feet and stopped. The curator told him to take it for a proper ride, so Bob pedalled around Dublin a bit...on James Joyce's bike! That is what I call a true celebrity 'perk'. When I visited the museum, I was not allowed to touch the bike, ( or even point at it. ) --but not all celebrities get to ride the bike.
"Oh, Good God, No!" said the curator when I asked if Ben Affleck would be allowed to ride it. Actually Bob is the only person that was allowed to ride the bike in some years. Why? The curator sighed. "Well, I like Bob a great deal, he's stopped in here a few times and is always a polite and charming fellow."

St. Patrick's Day is an excellent day to stay in and read Irish literature. That's my plan. That, or get drunk, pee my pants, and throw up on Main Street.

Watch out where the leprechauns go and don't you eat no green snow!