Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bob Dylan: Jokerman

I've been to a few Bob Dylan concerts where he has told a silly joke and cracked himself up while half the audience is saying "What?" The other half of the audience is laughing like the joke was funny.

Example: "I was talking to Neil Young yesterday and he said to me, 'Bob, you just don't hear cool music on the radio anymore.' and I said to Neil, I says 'sure you just... you just need to stick your radio in the refrigerator."

Audience: "What? Hahaha What? Heh Heheh! What? Giggle What? Hoo Boy that was funny! What? What did he say? What? Huh? What?

On other occasions, Bob has introduced his back-up singers as "My ex-wife, my next wife, my girlfriend, and my fiancee."
and his drummer as 'the best drummer...on this stage.'

Funny or not, it sure beats the droning Safe Sex Monologues that some rockers who shall remain nameless (Tom Petty) give at concerts before playing.

Is Perfume funny? Most perfume jokes are gross, but I found one that didn't involve flatulence or worse.

Fred decides to get a bottle of perfume for his new girlfriend's birthday. He goes to the fragrance counter and finds a scent he really likes. "I like this one!" he says to the clerk.

The clerk tells him the bottle is $50.00

"That is way too expensive." Fred whines.

The clerk says no problem, it is a popular scent and there is a smaller sized bottle for $30.00.

Fred shakes his head "Still too pricey!"

The clerk rummages through a cabinet and finds a mini bottle of the scent. She shows it to Fred. "Only $15.00"

Fred shakes his head again. "I guess I'd like to see something really cheap!"

The clerk hands him a mirror.

I did some research that might prove that Bob is funny.

"Bob's very funny. If you know him and his songs, he's such a joker."
---George Harrison