Monday, March 26, 2007

What Were They Thinking?

I have no idea why Omnia by Bulgari looks like something from a 1970's office supply store. (conjoined typewriter ribbons?) Omnia is a really nice scent, a spicy chai tea fragrance.

Castelbajac is just weird. First of all, the outer packaging is hard plastic. You may need the jaws of life to pry it open. A quilted glass hot water bottle? Why? And it will not spray unless you pull the ON charm. Now for the weirdness that is the scent itself: If you like freshly washed linens and you also like almonds, then you might like this scent. (A hint of soap and wet linens flapping on a clothesline on a brisk day is the first smell out of the bottle.) It settles into a nice light almond fragrance, but is way too cool for winter or chilly rainy days. There is a little heliotrope in the blend, too. Got this one as a gift several months back, and have not had the opportunity to wear it during the dog days of summer (those awful, muggy days when smelling like fresh linen in a cool breeze could be theraputic.) This is a unisex scent and I could definitely see a man using it. Very clean and fresh.