Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Weekend

Happy Earth Weekend! There was a Mockingbird singing away in the center tree as I took this picture. If you look closely you can see him on the left side of the tree. The tree is that same type tree as the famed one that grows in Brooklyn.

A rabbit's eye view. Great Lakes Blue Iris, grass, shadows and light.

Stripes of the late afternoon sun. A few mini dafs bloom in our mini pine forest. I noticed a chickadee has set up housekeeping in the birdhouse we put up in the "pine forest region" of our small yard.

Time to get busy. I received a blue wheelbarrow as a gift.
On Saturday we went with a group of friends and cleaned up a woodsy area where people had dumped old tires and junk, making it look pristine once again. The children in the group worked very diligently to get the woods 'back to perfection' and had harsh words for people who dump trash. They were shocked and appalled to see us drag out an old washing machine. We jaded adults were not surprised at all.

This morning was officially Earth Day. We were tired from being outdoors all day Friday and Saturday flexing our muscles, so we decided to have breakfast outdoors and read the Sunday Times before working in the garden. I took some Myrtle and Sweet Woodruff and made this picture.

So far we've celebrated earth weekend in our yard by planting Canadian Explorer roses (Bill Baffin, Louis Joliet, Samuel de Champlain, you get the idea: --explorers.)

But one rose puzzled me. Who was Marie-Victorin? I got a big surprise researching that one. Marie-Victorin was Conrad Kirouac ( Jack Kerouac's cousin (!) and a botanist.) Conrad and I share a birthday, April 3. When Conrad became a Christian Brother he was given the name Brother Marie-Victorin. (and I thought I was looking up a woman explorer!) It was a nice surprise/ Kerouac connection & I had planted "two of him" in the yard unawares. We got a dozen roses and two lilacs planted by 2pm today. Then we collapsed.

We put out some birdseed and just relaxed in the sun with a picnic lunch. I plan on spending the rest of the day lounging around outside. This has been a perfect and complete weekend.

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."
--John Muir