Friday, April 13, 2007

The Last of The Loot

Today the last glass of champagne to celebrate my birthday was raised. It has been two weeks of weird little lunches, coffee dates, and one dinner, squeezed in between, around, before and after all those religious holidays that converged. (Passover, Buddha's Birthday, and Easter) It has been a long strange couple of weeks.

After not wearing perfume all week, I wore L'Heure Bleue today, figuring it was a special occasion worthy of a few dabs of Guerlain.

My friend, Helena, was away for the holidays, so she took me out today for a very belated birthday lunch. I really scored a lot of great loot too, because no one shops better for you than a girlfriend who has known you since you were practically a teenager. She bought me a jacket that I would have never bought myself because I would have thought it too pricey. It fits perfectly and has a Good Steve Irwin Vibe to it, (and I had a major dream about him awhile back.) Also a lovely long wide scarf which is really a sheer shawl, great for summer cocktail parties. (Hopefully there will be summer cocktail parties?! ) This feels like a shopping blog now, but I assure you, this post represents the last of the birthday loot.

Chedwick just loves flowers and necklaces. He loves them like he loves harmonica music and birdwatching. This is the very last of today's loot, a Betsey Johnson necklace and some yellow tulips.