Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Penguin Situation

I've been reading about the decline of penguin populations recently, and while I am distressed over the plight of the penguins, it has been well documented--

(by scientists who believe that global warming is a myth)

--that penguins are heavy smokers.

Apparently, it all started in the 1940's, when scientists studying penguins offered one of them a few cartons of smokes. The smoking penguin became the 'hip' penguin that other penguins admired and wanted to emulate.

By the 1960's most penguins were smoking, and many even modeled for cigarette ads.

While many scientists blame cigarette smoking for the decline in penguin populations, some say it is because penguins have been consuming far too much whole milk ice cream. Whatever the reason, it would be very sad if we continued to see these wonderful creatures dying off.