Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Checking out I saw that the Beatmobile travels from San Francisco to colleges and arts festivals all over the United States spreading the word. This would not be a bad way to spend a few months "On The Road." I was just a little surprised to see Bob Dylan's image on the little trailer that the Beatmobile pulls along.

The students at Saint Mary's were glad to gain access to subversive writings, and welcomed the Beatmobile wholeheartedly.

The little trailer that the Beatmobile pulls is a bookshop on wheels. Even though they sell books, incense, T shirts and trinkets, the owners of the BM still have to ask people for gas money donations. Luxury coaches like this one are not very fuel efficient, and that is why trips across country are carefully planned.

The sad part of this whole story: Most of the time Adam West follows the Beatmobile in an old Batmobile. Sometimes Mr. West thinks they are going to a Superhero & Poetry Convention, and other times he thinks he is trying to "catch" the evil Beatmobile. When the Beatmobile stops to 'gas up' they never know if Mr. West will be pleasant or furious with them.