Thursday, April 5, 2007

Music Box

When I was in college I wasn't just a faceless nameless student at a large university: I also had a job and was a faceless nameless employee at a large corporation. At the employee Christmas party, the male employees got some sports related tchotchke, and as the women began opening gifts I saw that 'our' gift was a reddish brown colored musical jewelry box. As the women began winding up all of the boxes, the tune "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" filled the air, and it was nice because the boxes were all going at different moments in the tune, and it was like a staggered twinkly symphony of Rudolph. I didn't bother opening mine, I just took the last wrapped box from the gift table and put it directly into my book bag. I decided to put it under my tree until Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day I unwrapped my Rudolph box, only to be surprised that it wasn't a reddish box at all, but a prettier blue and ebony one. This was odd, since all the boxes at the party had been identical, and I had to smile, because typically, weird things like this happened to me. I was always the 'odd man out' so to speak, even as a little kid. I had waited until just one box was left on the gift table, and took it. Now I was so glad I had done that.

Then I wound up the music box, and to my shock, I did not hear "Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer". The blue music box played "Blowing in The Wind" instead. I used to wonder how the odd box got into the batch of 'Rudolphs.' No doubt the shop just ran out of Rudolphs and threw some random box in to complete the order.

The Perfume lounging on the blue box is 'Flower by Kenzo' A light rose scent with violets and sweet spices.

"The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense.
Take what you have gathered from coincidence.
The empty-handed painter from your streets
Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets.
This sky, too, is folding under you
And it's all over now, Baby Blue."
--Bob Dylan