Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bob Dylan Interview

A Brief Interview with Bob Dylan

d.chedwick: (looking around) I see you have quite a bit of perfume here.

BOB: I'm no Brian Eno, but I do like fragrances. This morning I'm wearing Un Jardin le Sur Nil by Hermes. Yesterday I tested SJP's Lovely.

d.chedwick: Do you have a favorite Cologne?

BOB: I have a top five, or six.

d.chedwick: And they are?

BOB: I like the Guerlains. Molinard makes great perfumes too.

d.chedwick: What do you think of SJP's Lovely?

BOB: Well, pretty; but it has an unfinished feel to it.

d.chedwick: What is your take on Un Jardin Sur le Nil?

BOB: This one is very good. The top notes are Grapefruit and Green Mango...that will definitely wake you up. What can I say? A very fresh scent. Jean-Claude is a good friend and a great perfumer, he has a very original way of looking at things. He also gave me a bottle of Terre d'Hermes, which is just stunning.

d.chedwick: You travel a great deal, how many perfumes do you take along?

BOB: I have just one suitcase for perfumes, it has a lot of pockets, I could easily pack 60 bottles of perfume, but I'm really a bath products man, and those take up a lot of space, so I try and limit myself to about 10 bottles. Like I said, I'm no Brian Eno. He travels with maybe 200 bottles, and he's into those essential oils too. He has a lot of heavy baggage.

d.chedwick: Do you carry a lot of sample packets and vials?

BOB: People usually give me the largest size bottle to try, actually I would prefer some sample vials.

d.chedwick: You realize I'm a cat, and I'm not really interviewing you.

BOB: I thought I'd just play along, you seem like a very nice cat.