Thursday, July 17, 2008

Staying Home

As a kid and as a young adult I lived in urban areas. Home was often a small apartment I happily occupied. As long as there was a good view from the window, I'd rent the place. I learned early that landlords and co-op boards called the shots however, and I didn't want to stay where I'd have go before a board to get a new kitten approved. I wanted a home where I could plant trees and see the stars on a clear night.

Home for me is an outdoor as well as an indoor place. Home means sharing a space with nature. I'll gladly commute to work, but not to see wildlife or hike up a mountain.Some people would label my life conventional and/or dull, but that's the way it goes. I'm a suburbanite who lives within easy walking distance of a mountain and a river that I could never get tired of. In summer, for at least a few weeks, I become a total hayseed with grand dreams of someday being a beekeeper with an apple orchard.

I've decided to not go on any serious vacations for awhile, choosing instead to stay close to home and re-discover my own backyard--The Hudson River Valley & the mountains we call The `Gunks and The`Skills. I also hope to hike a nearby section of The Appalachian Trail. I guess I should start a journal called Staying Home.