Tuesday, July 1, 2008


A collector's item: Estee Lauder makes these limited edition solid compacts, and this one holds Cinnabar. I've never tried an Estee solid, but the liquid perfume Cinnabar is still very popular. With head notes of strong spices and peaches, heart notes of cinnamon, florals and vanilla, and soul notes of patchouli and woods, this is a classic spicy oriental. Introduced in 1978, just before the big scents of the mid 80's hit. Some call it a luxurious winter scent, one that keeps you warm. Others dab on a tiny amount for evening. My friend Candace says she loves it for the same reasons she likes Ysatis and Mariella Burani. "A bottle lasts forever ~ you only need a drop on the back of your neck." Blends of spices and simple elegant florals with a fruit note like peach seems to be a winning formula. (Photo: Candace's Collection)

meanwhile, another story about Eddy's first day with us:
Chedwick: "Here, Eddy, let me show you how to play with that string thing!"

"Oops! Eddy tore the string thing off the chair cushion ~ so I thought we could play with it a little while."