Monday, July 21, 2008

Random Things

Dennis chooses the perfume Rumeur as his pic for July's summer scent. Dennis says it's a cut above most of the stuff you find on the department store counter, and it has magnolia. Dennis loves magnolia.

It's going to be a busy few weeks starting on Thursday when I'm picking up a certain blogger at the airport. Guess Who?

Does anyone remember what the original Tweed smelled like?

If you've ever seen Dirty Dancing, you may have noticed Baby's mom, played by former ballerina and Tony Award winner Kelly Bishop.

Kelly played Howard Stern's crazy mom in Private Parts and was Toby Maguire's mom in The Wonder Boys. She wanted to be Sarah J. Parker's step-mom in Miami Rhapsody. Mainly a theater actress, she gets offered a lot of mom roles. (and is still close to many of her film kids, including Howard Stern and Christian Slater.) She's known for being very sweet and easy going--the opposite of her most famous mom role as Emily in the TV series The Gilmore Girls.