Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Praise of Coffee

This past week we had a heat wave, so I spent more time in my local coffee shops than I normally do. I read a very interesting book, too.

I met a shy man on the street. He had a cup of coffee and a mask.

Kim had the right idea thinking we should just spend the month of July celebrating birthdays. One month of non-stop celebrating would make us realize how fortunate we all are to have each other. Famous people born on this day include Haile Selassie, Raymond Chandler, and The Coffee Messiah.

I could sing the praises of coffee, but could never do it as well as The Coffee Messiah does. His blog has made me appreciate coffee more, try new blends, brew it with more thought, and drink an extra cup every day.

The Coffee Messiah recommended this book, Pre Raphaelites in Love by Gay Daly. It's so well written, I really enjoyed it, and it took me back to a time long ago when some of these paintings meant a great deal to me. (of course I was just staring at small reproductions of them in an art book.) Now that I know something about the artists and the models, I'd like to see some of these paintings and wonder how many of them are in museum collections today.