Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fragonard Perfumes

Funny enough, Fragonard was the first French scent Eddy came in contact with when he came to live with us last Sunday. He started by sniffing the Fragonard soap, and even tasted it (just a lick.) Here he is (on right) with Chedwick posing with all that remains from my last trip to Grasse. (Fragonard also has two boutiques in Paris and one in Eze.) My favorite scents from Fragonard are: Rêve Indien ( fruits, rose & iris in an amber patchouli base), Murmure (I don't remember the specifics but I liked it), Miranda( a nice oriental with a tropical feel & a coconut note), Billet Doux (a carnation blend with woodsy base), and Etoile Du Sud which I still have (a lovely lilac scent that is cool like spring rain). My favorite men's cologne is Concerto (a citrussy cologne in an amber base with tea notes.)

Two that I'd like to try are Grain de Soleil (a modern almost gourmand scent with cinnamon and spice headnotes, a rose & iris heart and an amber, vanilla and incense base) and éclat, an ethereal floral with citrus headnotes, a freesia and light gardenia heart, in a sweet marshmallow base.) The Marshmallow is a perennial flowering plant (Althaea.) its roots and sweet leaves are used in perfumery and in the making of medicines. I've never heard of it being used in perfumery before, and am curious.
Fragonard has many sample sets to choose from and minature bottles, all at reasonable prices.

This post is for Cynthesis who asked if I'd ever reviewed Fragonard. I always meant to & quickly put this post together last night. Excuse the sloppiness.