Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lake Weekend

This weekend I relaxed at *Fishy Lake. I learned that people put on shoes to go swimming now. "Swim Shoes" This seems weird to me, but modern people wear shoes when they swim in lakes because maybe they'll stub their toe on a sharp pebble or something. I didn't wear shoes in the lake, and I didn't hurt my feet, either. I was advised to get swim shoes though, in case of a future encounter with a sharp object.

The lake is full of fish, and snakes too--harmless shy snakes. (it was hard to get a picture of a snake, but I finally did it!)

Yesterday there was enough sunshine to swim and watch a fisherman grill up some lunch. This is the exterior of my friend's cabin on the lake. It needs work, but she is like superwoman, so in a year or two you won't recognize the place. She can use power tools. She spent every weekend this spring gutting the once very dark and scary interior, and made it bright, cheery and functional, She recycled many building materials, old cupboards, etc... It's 900 square feet, and is now the summer home for her two young children. Lucky kids!

My friend used to spend a lot of time on a sailboat with her mother when she was a kid. Her mother wore Coriandre in those days, so my friend is experimenting with it now. She says it reminds her of her mom as she was thirty years ago... and has brought on many good feelings and memories. The perfume was introduced in 1973.
Coriandre's head notes are sharp, but fade quickly into a nice woodsy scent. The oak moss and spices made it a good scent for the lake weekend.

*Fishy Lake is not the real name of this lake.